Team Development for Lawyers

We know that the legal environment can be tough. We’ll help you to improve the working relationships within your team and the overall output and productivity of your team.

You are invited to introduce your team to a structured team development experience. Your experienced facilitator is a senior lawyer and manager.

It’s not about spending money on a workshop without any results to show for it. Your team will learn how it can evolve into a high-performing, cohesive, and energised unit that will achieve greater results, retain valuable staff members and improve communication all round.

Manning Consultants understands how law firms operate. We use the highly regarded Team Management Systems framework and tailor sessions to fit with the culture of your law firm.

We can also facilitate your firm’s planning day or work with individuals to help them develop new management and leadership skills.

Read the law firm case study on our ‘ABOUT US’ page for a real example of what you can achieve

Download our free development products brochure to see Team Management Systems profiles and tools

Contact us now to discuss the development needs of your legal team.

We are pleased to be an Australian Legal Practice Management Association Learning and Development Partner

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