Mediation Services

Mediation is a way to resolve conflict and disputes that is designed to be quicker and more cost effective than having a full length court battle. Importantly, our legal and workplace mediation services guarantee you the chance to have your say and be heard.

Manning Consultants provides professional legal mediation, workplace mediation and family mediation for both parenting plans and property settlements, at our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast offices. This includes a mediation process that will provide you with the best possible opportunity to arrive at an acceptable outcome to bring an end to your dispute.

At the conclusion of a successful mediation, a binding and enforceable written record of the terms and conditions of your agreement is created to formally record the end of your dispute.

The chance of sorting things out sooner rather than later attracts many people to our mediation services. Those who succeed in reaching an agreement usually end up saving money, worry, and time.

We keep things on track—working hard to make sure that the agreed mediation process is adhered to
We respect the dignity of all participants
We strive to help you identify the issues, get to the point of the dispute, and clear up any misunderstandings
We don’t take sides or tell you what to do. We help you explore your options in order to maximise your chances of resolving your dispute.

Contact us now to discuss Manning Consultants legal mediation services to address your conflict or dispute.

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