Manning Consultants will help you to design workshops and meetings to get you the results you need.

Your facilitator will lead and guide you and your team through workshops, meetings, and planning sessions. Your facilitators remain in touch and in tune with all participants at all times throughout this process.

We will assist you to achieve the best possible result
We will not become involved in the content of the meeting or workshop or take sides in any debates
We will direct your team to effectively work together
We will assist you to focus on sticking to the agenda and the task at hand
We will ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved and the workshop or meeting runs on time.

Contact us now to discuss the facilitation of your meeting or workshop.


We will work with you and your team to plan, develop and achieve greater results—now and in the future.

Manning Consultants provides a wide variety of development services. We can:

clarify individual roles in any team
create understanding among team members
revitalise and energise existing teams
assist the retention of valuable employees
provide support during recruitment and selection processes
provide strategic and business planning
instigate leadership Development programs at all levels
coach individuals or teams
create development programs for new leaders
structure executive development programs
help identify and manage diversity
facilitate risk analysis and risk management processes
develop and implement change programs
resolve conflict.

We will customise meetings, workshops, or a retreat for your organisation or team or we will work directly with individuals.

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Using the internationally-recognised Team Management Systems® profiles we will undertake an effective review of your workplace or team to clarify exactly what is going on and what changes need to be made.

We can help you analyse and understand the work performance or type of work performed by your team and we can provide you with a comprehensive and strategic evaluation of your team. See the Products section for more information.

We can undertake an independent evaluation for you using customised terms of reference. This evaluation will provide you with an overview of your team and make recommendations for future action and any suggested changes to be implemented. See our About section for examples of a previous evaluations.

We know that an evaluation can be daunting but rest assured we will work with you to help you achieve the results you need.

Contact us now to discuss your Evaluation requirements and we’ll work with you to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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