Mediation V Litigation Panel discussion at Queensland Law Society to be facilitated by Karl Manning on 1 August 2013

Karl Manning will be facilitating a panel discussion at the Queensland Law Society that will take place after the annual Law Society ADR forum on the 1st of August as a separately bookable event . It will run from 5:00pm to 6:30 pm with light refreshments provided.
Here is an abstract of the panel discussion:

Mediation  – What’s the point?

 A panel discussion about the pros and cons of mediation as opposed to litigation in general and commercial matters

 Proposed audience

Law Society members, litigators, mediators, barristers, academics and the general legal community


This discussion is intended to traverse an interesting and current topic for lawyers and promises to be interactive and engaging. The panel will consist of experienced mediators, litigators, an academic and a member of the judiciary.

It is not intended to direct the discussion toward a theme that is “mediation is the answer” but rather it is intended to have a frank dialogue regarding the benefits and shortcomings of both mediation and litigation and the types of cases that are best suited to each.

Karl Manning will ask the panel some questions to ensure the  discussion will be balanced, informative, interesting and lively.

Here is the link to the QLS page regarding the session should you wish to take a closer look or book yourself a seat:

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