Mediation and Facilitation


Mediation is a way for you to sort out your conflict or dispute that is quicker and cheaper than having a legal battle and guarantees you the chance to have your say.

Manning Consultants offers you a professional mediation service. The goal is to run the mediation so as to give you the best possible chance of achieving an acceptable outcome.

If at the conclusion of the mediation you come to an agreement to end your dispute on certain terms, a binding record of your agreement can be made.

The chance of sorting things out sooner rather than later attracts many people to mediation. Those who succeed in reaching an agreement usually end up saving money, worry, and time.

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Manning Consultants will help you to design workshops and meetings of all kinds to get you the results you need.

Your facilitator will lead you and your team while remaining in touch and in tune with all participants. To achieve this, your facilitator will not become involved in the meeting or workshop content or take sides, but will help the group work effectively together, to focus on sticking to the agenda and the task at hand ensuring that the desired outcomes are achieved and the workshop or meeting runs on time.

In cases where the meeting relates to a conflict or dispute, your facilitator will create the opportunity for you to have a constructive discussion with the other party. This process will give the parties the best possible chance of resolving the conflict.

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